Product Description


Treat yourself and your skin with this eye-catching, bronzing delight.


Eye Candy combines Natural Bronzer, Caramel, with DHA to give you both instant gratification and longer-lasting bronze enjoyment. Guilt-free Skincare hydrates and nourishes for an extraordinarily healthy glow. No need to work out after this treat, a pinch of Caffeine will invigorate and firm for beautiful, dark results.


Antioxidant-rich Strawberry Extract helps prevent collagen destruction and provides the skin with a healthy shot of Vitamin C, while Brown Sugar encourages cell rejuvenation and deeply nourishes for a youthful complexion. A toning Caffeine Shot adds to the anti-ageing formula by energising and toning for improved texture and appearance. Shea Butter and lush Oils also work together for deep moisturisation and a gorgeous finish.


Formulated to combat after-tanning odours.

  • Fragrance: Bourbon Berry
  • Size: 250ml


Fact: Eye Candy has a non-staining, eye-catching gorgeous pink colour!


Australian Gold - Eye Candy 15ml Sachet

SKU: 054402370223
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