So, you want to go for a tanning session and get a nice healthy, natural-looking tan. Maybe its so that you’re ready for the weekend or, maybe even to prepare you for a holiday, so you don’t look like a typical pasty white British tourist that sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the glamorous, tanned locals.

Either way, having a nice tan makes you look great and feel amazing, but when selecting which tanning salon you are going to use, what is the major deciding factor? Is it location, ease of parking, where your friends go, online reviews or is it quite simply based on price? Let’s be honest, price is a major influencing factor for 80% of us tanners, saving money is what everyone wants to do and the cheaper it is per minute, the better right? WRONG!

Lets rewind and remind ourselves why we go tanning. We go tanning because we want to achieve a natural, healthy-looking deep tan that’s the envy of the office and our friends. We want to look like we live the jet set life and it makes us look great and feel amazing. We go tanning with the expectation of developing quick results and want to achieve that dream tan in no time at all.

As I am sure you are all aware, bulbs in a sunbed have a lifespan and any reputable salon will replace these bulbs frequently so to maintain their power and continue giving the users of the sunbeds the dream tan they expect. The bulbs usually need replacing after 500 hours of tanning time and this comes at a considerable cost to the salon. So, (you can probably see where I |am going with this) after the salon has paid the rent on the shop, the staff, the electricity, insurance etc, how can they afford to offer their service at 30-50p per minute and still be able to replace the bulbs when they need replacing? The simple answer is they can’t and in most cases, they don’t! They bank on people not really noticing or try and blame it on your skin type or encourage you to buy tanning enhancers with 30x bronzing effects in to give the appearance of a tan.

At Instatan, we charge a fair and reasonable price that allows us to deliver a superb service with a clean, modern salon, friendly staff and powerful modern beds that give you the tan you’ve been dreaming of time after time. We change the bulbs on time every time so that you can be assured that you will always get what you are paying for. Sure, we aren’t the cheapest, we don’t want to be! We want to offer the best service locally for a fair price. So, next time you are deciding which salon to use, don’t make your decision based on price – it’s a false economy and you will not achieve the tanning results you wished for.