Sunbed FAQ's

How old do I have to be to tan?

By law, you must be 18 years or older to use UV tanning equipment.

I have not been tanning before, how do I start?

No worries! Just pop into the salon and our friendly team will assist and advise you with everything you need to getting started!

How long does a sunbed tan tan to develop?

This is something that varies from person to person and it depends on various factors such as the skin type, the frequency of the sessions and the type of tanning equipment or the power of the lamps that each salon or tanning studio uses. Usually you will be able to see results after 2-4 sessions but you can gain a good base tan after 4-8 sessions.

How many times a week can I sensibly use a sunbed?

The tanning process ranges from person to person and it depends on the type of skin. Tanning on a regular basis within the safety tanning guidelines will enable you to see results and will prevent your tan from fading. It is advisable to allow a minimum of 24 hours between tanning sessions and 48 hours for skin type 2. Do not use any tanning equipment more than once on the same day! Repeat the tanning session to build up your tan gradually. However, it is recommended not to exceed the number of 60 sessions per year.

Is it safe to tan while I am pregnant?

It is recommended to not use any tanning equipment whilst pregnant.

What are tanning accelerators/lotions?

Tanning accelerators speed up the tanning process by maximising the amount of UV light your skin can absorb in the session. They also add the nutrients your skin needs to produce melanin, the brown pigment we know as a tan. All of the accelerators in our vending machines are approved, top salon quality products to help you to achieve your goals. Some accelerators also contain small amounts of bronzer to give you a natural glow whilst your tan develops.

Do I have to wear eye protection?

It is extremely important you wear UV eye protection during every tanning session to protect your eyes from the rays. We provide free disposable eyewear for each session and we sell reusable goggles.