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What is 0.3 Tanning?

What is 0.3 Tanning? You may, or may not already know that there is a piece of legislation governing the maximum UV output of sunbeds. This is known as 0.3 as is approved by the EU and accepted that this is the maximum and safe level of output for sunbeds and complies with all British […]

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Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion

Most of us when we go tanning are in a rush. We just want to dash in, not talk to anyone, have our tanning session and leave! The last thing we want is the salon assistant trying to sell you products you think don’t need. But wait a minute – we all want a better […]

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The best sunbeds in town?!

Everyone’s advertising the best and most powerful beds in town – this can’t be true, how can everyone have the best and most powerful beds in town? How do you know who to believe and who does really have the best beds? Speaking frankly, sunbeds are extremely expensive to purchase and the better the bed, […]

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